Free and open

Pedram Baldari and Nooshin Hakim Javadi

2017 FSP/Jerome Fellow

Bodies Left Behind

15’ 7”’ x 30’ 2” x 30’ 2”
Airplane wings, aluminum, fabricated steel

Artist Statement

Crossing is a potent act psychologically and socio-politically. The idea comes to light further when one crosses borders. Passing through Borders can have dire consequences if the body who is crossing them does not uphold the privilege that makes borders for those who enjoy it merely formalities and something invisible. Human desire of being mobilized has even taken up wings as a result of the imagination of generations resonating in our minds to fly beyond the sunrise or sunset, beyond the horizon and the oceans where dreams of being free begin. However this simple desire becomes almost a nightmare based on one’s place of birth or the color of skin. Although the dream knows no border, no geography, no color, it does not care for confinement or for restrictions even if that dream comes with high price even if it is leaving something dear behind. In a way immigration can have such connotations; it is a dilemma of body in which things around one stop to happen mostly based on one’s qualifications, potentials and dreams. They happen due to the place of birth and the color of skin. This disorientation can be so deep as if the body is like being left behind and this vessel has just carried the dreams to a new land, the wings have crossed over but the body has been left behind.

Our wings are suspended and strained under a dome in which in Iranian culture has been a symbol of oneness of the universe while it contains countless dazzling patterns, shapes and qualities. This oneness while being so vary is what makes our world a wonderful place.

Pedram Baldari


Born: Sanandaj, Kurdistan, Iran, 1981
Resides: Minneapolis, MN

• MFA, Sculpture, Texas Tech University, 2015
• BA, Architecture, University of Tehran, 2005

Selected Exhibitions
• Solo in Victoria and Albert Museum, London, 2012
• Documenta 13th Kassel, Germany, 2012
• Art Basel Switzerland, Switzerland, 2014

Selected Collections
• Princess Maisa Al-Quasemi, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Selected Awards
• Delfina Foundation and partnership with Iranian Cultural Center, 2012
• Magic of Persia award, 2012
• Graduate School Thesis Award and Fellowship

Nooshin Hakim Javadi


Born: Qazvin, Qazvin, Iran, 1983
Resides: Minneapolis, MN

• MFA, Sculpture, University of Minnesota, 2017
• BFA, Sculpture, University of Tehran, 2008

Selected Exhibitions
• Two person show with Chris Larson, Minneapolis, 2017
• Two person performance with Pedram Baldari, Museum fur Neue Kunst, Germany, 2016
• Show, Grounds for Sculpture, NJ, 2017

Selected Collections
• Mana Contemporary, NJ
• International Sculpture Center, NJ
• Grounds for Sculpture, NJ

Selected Awards
• Outstanding Student Award in Contemporary Sculpture, 2017
• International Sculpture Center Residency Winner, Grounds for Sculpture, 2017
• CLA Fellowship, University of Minnesota, 2014