Free and open

Matthew Mroz

2017 Hot Metal Artist

I Wasn’t there when she needed me. (I miss you Bosch)

9’ 7” x 1’ 6” x 2’
Cast iron, granite, steel

Artist Statement

I have been dealing with bi-polar/schizoaffective disorder my entire life. An absence of balance, anxiety, mania, depression, paranoia, isolation, have all played a role in my development as an artist. My work focuses on the exploration of balance and the forces that affect it.

I am drawn to create objects because it is cathartic. I need to create what is in my head, other wise I’d compulsively think about it. Physically making the object makes room for new ideas. In the creation of my work, I gravitate towards the physically demanding, process driven, and fire. Fire comes into play with everything I make at some point, including my paintings.

Overall my goal with creating art is to allow the viewer to see and interpret my work however they will. Everyone approaches looking at art in their own way and brings with them their experiences and perceptions. Who am I to tell them that what they see is wrong.

Matthew Mroz

Born: Scranton, PA, 1977
Resides: Peckville, PA

• MFA Candidate, Rochester Institute of Technology
• BA, Sculpture, Keystone College, 2011

Selected Exhibitions
• Matthew Mroz & Jeremy Ciliberto, AFA Gallery, Scranton, PA, 2017
• NCCCIAP Juried Exhibition, Project Space Gallery, UA, Birmingham Alabama, 2017
• Seeking Balance: Thesis Exhibition 1, Bevier Gallery, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY, 2016

Selected Collections
• William Gudenwrath, Corning, NY
• Luvon Shepard, Rochester, NY
• Tom Hill, Scranton, PA

Selected Awards
• Scranton Fringe Festival Best in Show