Free and open

Peter Leone

2017 Hot Metal Artist


8’ x 3’ 6” x 1”
Cast iron, repurposed steel

Artist Statement

Franconia offered a platform to work large. With this generous and rare opportunity in mind I chose to create a piece I wouldn’t commonly have the chance to make. Typically, when not working with wax as I often do, I direct carve sand molds. In regards to direct carving I’ve always had a very flat approach and allowed the space between the finished castings to create the 3dimensional work.

With my piece, Sukaiwamu, I was able to ‘break that mold’ literally and push out in all directions. By first shaping and then carving both halves of my mold I was able to create Sukaiwamu. What lead to the finger riddled envelopes of iron pushing out into the ether was an equally undulating valley of hardened resin sand that I shaped as well. My intent was to create a piece that wove itself into the sky while still remain firmly on the ground, earth bound.

I work in cast metals because of their permanence: they challenge you to make something worth lasting. They demand your time and your essence. Sculpting is a testament to my life and the life of my ancestors. I surely inherited their infinite collective mind. I cherish and revere a medium that reminds me of mortality.

Peter Leone


Born: Syracuse, NY
Resides: Hamilton, NY

• BFA, Cast Metal, Alfred University, 2013

Selected Exhibitions
• In the Blood, Stone Quarry Hill Art Park Gallery, Cazenovia, NY, 2016
• Ebola Up Close, The Devereaux, 2016
• Shadow, The Otherside Gallery, 2016