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Dane Winkler

2012 Intern Artist

A Day of Sunlight

6’ x 14 ‘ x 5’
Wood, Mattress, Bed Sheets, Sheetrock, Blinds, and Vinyl Siding

Artist Statement
My work is about embracing and expressing vulnerability, loneliness, and struggles. We humans have gone to great lengths to prove our power and desire for perfection. This attitude has caused endless anxiety and it is exhausting. In contrast, the creation of my work is a process of reconstruction and rebirth of vulnerability, loneliness, and struggles. For me, interestingly, they are the sources of strength, beauty, and caring. My artistic exploration and the execution of such ideas are not only on a personal level; they go further to examine cultural confusion, social interaction, integrated subtleties, and controversies of solemnity. By revealing and restating vulnerability, loneliness, and struggles, I rediscover intimacy; through the tactile and spiritual reconstruction of imperfection, I find my integrity.

Dane Winkler

Born: 1990, Troy, NY
Resides: Shafer, MN

• BFA, 2012, SUNY Plattsburgh, NY

Selected Exhibitions
• Open Door 8, Rosalux Gallery, Minneapolis, MN, 2012
• Other People’s Lives, Earlville Opera House, Earlville, NY, 2012
• Kingston Sculpture Biennial, Kingston, NY, 2011

Selected Collections
• Diane Fine, Plattsburgh,NY
• Salem Art Works, Salem,NY

Selected Awards
• Nina Winkle Scholarships, 2008-2011
• Tony Papa Award, 2011
• Nina Winkle Internship, 2012

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