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Elana Webb

2012 Intern Artist

Spike Against the Eye

13’ 8” x 2’ 7” x 17’ 6”
Plastic Tube and Fabricated Steel

Artist Statement
We are messy creatures made of meat and fluids; I take this mess and present it in a formal way. I am interested in the inherent tension between strength and vulnerability. Through my formal references to the physical body, I assert my strength as a young woman who is just discovering what her hands can do for her head.

Elana Webb

Born: 1990, Milwaukee, W
Resides: Bellingham, WA

• BA, 2012, Lewis and Clark College, OR

Selected Exhibitions
• Rupture at Reeds Art Week, [O U T E R]Space Gallery, Portland, OR, 2012
• Fools, Bamboo Grove Salon, Portland, OR, 2011

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