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Sophie Fishel

2012 Intern Artist

Getting Fresh

16’ 9” x 13’ 5” x 13’ 3”
Fabricated Steel, Painted

Artist Statement
Sophie Fishel’s body of work often features some variety of humour and is essentially an exploration into the human condition; the way we interact, our culture and relationships, our use of language, movement and the way we choose to dress. Humour lacks the confinements of social expectations and in her opinion laughing is one of the most liberal, infectious and impulsive actions a human being can take. Her sculptures, installation and films explore a contemporary and eclectic range of media and encompasses broad and lively preoccupations ranging from characterisation, costume, the absurdity of consumerism, the mundane and the abject, to subtle observations of everyday life.

Sophie Fishel

Born: 1989, London, England, UK
Resides: England, UK

• BA (Hons), 2011, University of Brighton, England, UK

Selected Exhibitions
• Collective Perspectives, The Gallery on Redchurch Street, UK, 2012
• Skiddley Bop Film – Everyday is a Good Day/A Not to Cage, De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill, UK, 2011
• Here and Now, University of Brighton Gallery, UK, 2010

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