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Freya Gabie

2013 Intern Artist

Pillar of Salt

6’11” x 1’ x 1’

Artist Statement

When I was younger, perhaps five or six years old, I remember a huge pile of gravel was dumped in my back garden. My friend and I decided to use this gravel to build a house in which we could play. We spent the next few weeks working on the house, excavating, partitioning and assembling its shell until we felt the house was finished and we could open up and go inside. Somewhere within this process I had become so engrossed in the magic of what we were doing, I imagined every stone placed on another was building the outer casing of a vast, cavernous interior, I envisioned a hollow space within a solid thing. It came as a crushing realization to find there was no doorway into this pile of stones.
This experience left a very deep impression on me. Through those stones I learned the power that an inanimate object can render. I also learned how important it was to believe, and that the nature of our perception of both object and environment is pliable, subject to change.
I make sculptures that offer altered, reconsidered perspectives.
Ideas of permanence and transience are apparent in the objects and recent works have been focused on deconstruction and removal, the persistence of material versus entropy. I have become interested in pushing objects to advanced states of decay, questioning their endurance, peeling a thing back to its essence, its smell. Equally what is the smallest gesture, the gentlest touch that can reanimate the unnoticed familiar? How to capture an objects breath?
The sculptures can situate themselves as impromptu almost incidental extensions to the space in which they are found: particulars of that environment, mutated though still bearing trace of their origin. They speak the language of their surroundings, whilst making an altogether more foreign sound.

Freya Gabie

Born:  1984, Taunton, UK
Resides: London, UK

• MA, 2014
• Royal College of Art, London, UK BA, 2007
• Chelsea College of Art and Design, University of the Arts, London, UK

Selected Exhibitions
• ExtraOrdinary Glassford Street, Departure Foundation, London, 2013
• Royal College of Art Interim Show, Royal College of Art, London, 2013
• Undone/Retold Solo Exhibition, Styx Gallery, Berlin, Germany, 2011

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