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Hilary Mussell

2013 Intern Artist

The Imaginary

12’3” x 11’3” x 5’7”
Steel and Manila Rope

Artist Statement
My work tends to focus on a central idea of the interaction between humans and other species. I enjoy exploring the diversity and intricacies of nature, and I use materials that highlight these qualities.
I made The Imaginary to create an experience with the structure of an imaginary creature. I feel a sentimental, warm feeling towards these pieces I make, which I view as organisms, and I want to share that feeling with the viewer, by inviting them inside the structure, which reveals it as a made object, but also envelopes the viewer in the relationship with the organism.

Hilary Mussell

Born:1987, Edmonton, AB 
Resides: Edmonton, AB

• BFA, 2012, University of Alberta

Selected Exhibitions
• Hybrids, Works Art and Design Festival, City Hall, Edmonton, AB, 2013 
• NextFest, Brinsmead Kennedy Architecture Building, Edmonton, AB, 2012
• Wayfindings, BFA Graduate Exhibition, University of Alberta, 2012

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