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Cassi Rebman

2014 Intern Artist

"Is This Right? "

13’ x 11’ 11’’ x 11’ 11’’ Construction material, wood, landscape painting by K. Sonder, Stove, Sink, Mixed Media, Wallpaper

Artist Statement

I’ve been taking investigations in my work that explore the processes of our minds and how they are fallible. This piece about the process of memory. Memory is unreliable, fragmented and can change depending on the conditions that you are recalling it through. The scene I chose was the kitchen in the house I grew up in, which was remodeled in my teens and is now occupied by a new family. This space no longer exists, but it is still present in my mind through fragmentary details I have attempted to reassemble. I titled it “Is this right?” because there is a questioning about not only the correctness of the setting but also of the existence of the immaterial manifestations of what lives in the mind. 

Cassi Rebman

Born 1986, Belle Plaine, MN
Resides Minneapolis, MN

• BFA, Minneapolis College of Art & Design

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