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Reid Sancken

2014 Intern Artist


Dimensions variable
Found objects

Artist Statement

Reid Sancken believes his role, as an artist, is to entertain; to be very serious about being silly. His work is heavily influenced by the unexpected nature of improvisational comedy and grassroots music that readily reflects the unknowingness of being human. Using pre-manufactured objects as a structure to improvise around, his paintings, performances, sculptures, and installations are composed to keep the maker and viewer on their toes and asking, “what-the-who-the-Horton-hears-a-what-the?”  

Reid Sancken

Born Normal, IL
Currently Resides Normal, IL

• Illinois State University, BFA Painting, 2013

Selected Exhibitions
• Make Memories Together ->, Normal, IL 2013
• Best New Media, 2013 I.S.U. Student Annual

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