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Sarah Langsam

2014 Intern Artist


1’ x 10’ x 10’
Wood, glue, insulation foam

Artist Statement

My work is an investigation into nature and it’s interaction with human life. It explores questions about life processes and the relationship that nature has with us as human beings. My pieces take components of life that are normally taken for granted, and brings them to the forefront of the viewer’s focus. I investigate themes of identity, relationships, and vitality and strive for my art to have an immediate impact on the viewer.

Ideas of unity surface in the creation of large areas that are constructed from the repetition and transformation of smaller materials. It is my belief that all living things are unique because of their composition of small element that create the whole. I aim to construct my pieces this way in order to make them similarly unique. By doing this I also find inspiration. Dissect a tree; the detail in its bark, the curves of its limbs, the grain of its wood, the rings of its trunk; there are endless possibilities to find beauty in unexpected places.

Dissecting different natural elements gives me the opportunity to explore them in more depth. Rather than depicting things exactly as they are seen, I prefer to present them in more inventive and unique ways. Working this way allows viewers to explore their own ideas in response to the piece and to delve deeper in search of a meaning.

How do people of different ages think differently about art? By working collaboratively and sharing my process with communities, I have the opportunity to study art through the eyes of others. I strive for my art to create questions, demand answers, and open dialogues.


Sarah Langsam

Born Brooklyn, NY, USA
Currently Resides South Orange, NJ, USA

• University of Delaware, BFA, 20133

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