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Thaddeus Sadowski

2015 Intern Artist

Untitled Remnant

8” x 13” x 10’7”
Steel, concrete

Artist Statement

I would be lying if I said this was my intention all along. Things in our everyday life and infrastructure eventually do collapse, bend, twist, break, fall apart. This piece explores the idea of decaying industry by formally and materially simulating something we pass by everyday. The piece originally stood twenty feet tall, towering over a landscape until it fell and created its own narrative. The story of this object lies within its bent curves, torn metal sections and scratched paint. The crashed guard rail, the shattered section of a collapsed bridge, this piece fainted into position and represents dilapidation that we pass by everyday and give no mind.

Thaddeus Sadowski

Born: 1992, Ipswich, MA
Resides: Ipswich, MA

• BFA, 2015, Massachusetts College of Art and Design

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