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Lily Reeves

2016 Intern Artist


17’ 6.5” x 3’ 8.5” x 1’ 2.25”
Steel, glass, fabric, mylar, light, paint

Artist Statement
My sculpture Equanimity is named after one of the four sublime attitudes in Buddhism. Considered neither a thought nor an emotion, Equanimity refers to the conscious realization of reality’s transience. It simply is, not with or without action. This sculpture exists as a beacon for this ideal state of being, and is rooted in patience, balance of mind, and insight. I built this sculpture not only to remind myself of the importance of both restraint and self-renewal in the face life’s endless fluctuations and constant change, but also to remind others that it is wise to not get carried away with the spectrum of our mental, physical, and spiritual states. I hope that it eases the minds of those who pass it by, and provokes you to take in and even practice living with more wisdom, strength, and compassion in a world where so much is out of our control

Lily Reeves

Born: Birmingham, Alabama, 1991
Resides: Phoenix, Arizona

• MFA, 2018, Arizona State University
• BFA, 2015, Alfred University

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