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Angela St. Vrain

2017 Intern Artist

Memory Merchandise

14’ x 20’6” x 12’9”
Cast iron, paint, and fabricated steel

Artist Statement
The everyday experience in first world societies is filled with cliché sayings sayings about home. “Home” is a loaded word because beyond its primary function of shelter, the word elicits a sentimental response in all humans. However, the connection to the structure and geography is both physically and emotionally impermanent. The notion of the dream home is an illusion.

As represented in the three panels, this work is concerned with three types of home: formative, physical, and emotional. The Formative is biographical and represents an individual’s past. The Physical is a person’s current house. The Emotional is the place of elsewhere for which we all aspire but will never quite achieve.

A Strange Form of Home uses the billboard as a symbol of travel and transition. Line drawings of the homes in which the artist has lived overlap one another to fabricate the illusion of home.

Angela St. Vrain

Born: Louisville, KY, 1993
Resides: Waynesville, NC

• BFA, University of Louisville, 2016

Selected Exhibitions
• Nonagon, Franconia in the City @Casket, Minneapolis, MN, November 2017
• Shelter, Little Wing Hollow, Harrodsburg, KY, May 2017
• Studio Open, The Carnegie, Covington, KY, August 2016

Selected Awards
• Merit Scholarship, Penland School of Crafts, March 2017
• Grovewood Scholarship, Penland School of Crafts, July 2016
• Bill Fischer Senior Project Grant, 3D BFA Candidate, Hite Art Institute at University of Louisville, January 2016

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