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2017 Intern Artist

Homonym Harmony

6’ x 1.5’ x 1.5’ 
Electronics, plywood, foam, mother board, copper sheet

Artist Statement
My purpose of art is always to turn our eyes towards the vulnerable inner world, rather than the exterior. However, the technology of the 21st Century puts on such a thick layer of armor on our souls that the only tool to strip away this protective layer is technology itself. The exploration of this particular irony is my sole purpose as an artist. I constantly look for ways to expose and unveil the inner worlds—both personal and societal—with the help of technology.

I often use microcontroller to program functions that are incorporated into conceptual works. The use of electrical sensors is also a big part of the narrative. The sensors work as detectors to expose an element of the world that is invisible to the naked eye. These pieces are meant to expand the viewer’s senses for a dramatic and impactful experience. By exposing what was previously undetectable around them, the works challenge viewers to reexamine their own existence. The experience of each work should provoke the viewers to be more conscious of our fragility as organic beings in a technological world. Because the common conception is that works made with the use of technology are often brutal, cold, and hard-surfaced, creating a balance is essential. With the use of warm colors and textures, organic materials, or an emotional context, I always want my works to have a poetic expression that contrasts the mechanical nature of technological art. Another focus is to create pieces that can serve a multitude of environments. Whether a work is displayed on the hard surface of a gallery wall or in the middle of a forest, my hope is that it will be absorbed into the environment and carry different meanings with changed sets of questions depending on the context.

C.Y. OK 

Born:Bucheon, South Korea, 1983
Resides: Chicago, Illinois

• MFA, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, 2018
• BSEE, Dankook University, 2009

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