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Elicia Epstein

2017 Intern Artist

Rumble Tumble Yonder Bumble

22’ x 8’ x 3’9”
Reclaimed steel, foam, foil

Artist Statement
Rumble Tumble Yonder Bumble is made from materials found on-site at Franconia Sculpture Park. It is a doodle, a creature, and a moment frozen in time.
Within my practice generally, I seek out and use a variety of media. My work has ranged from installation, illustration and performance, to sculpture, photo, video and books and zines. Across all of my work, however, is the impulse to understand and engage with the world around me, explore, create stories and point to the ones that are already there.
Magic, whimsy and nonsense have been, and continue to be, essential to my life and art practice. In creating this piece out of material that I found, I aimed to allow great flexibility and spontaneity into the work-- and further practice those characteristics within myself.

Elicia Epstein

Born: Boston, Massachusetts, 1992
Resides: Oakland, California

• BFA Studio Art, Pomona College, 2015

Selected Exhibitions
• Stuck Together, Franconia in the City @ Casket, 2017
• Scantron Senior Thesis Exhibition, Pomona College, 2015
• Trilateral Arts Show, The dA Center for the Arts, 2015

Selected Awards
• Filmmaker-in-Residence with the Conservation Media Group, 2015
• Summer Experience in the Arts Grant from the Melon Foundation, 2014
• Arts Inspiration Grant from the Melon Foundation, 2013

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