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Mike Calway-Fagen

2014 Open Studio Fellowship Artists


160” x 167” x 70”

Steel, paint, taxidermied deer purchased from decommissioned museum displays, private collections, auction houses, and amateur taxidermists

Artist Statement
During a sketch comedy performance an actor follows a script and is expected to perform in tune, with eventual laughter the outcome. At times, not everything goes to plan. These professionals stumble, they break character, and even laugh at their own botched attempt at mastery. They become unstuck, they are neither performer nor audience and aren't laughed at or with. They are something entirely different. When we laugh as Gilda Radnor can't hold it together we experience what collective vulnerability is, how frail the body and mind are, and how redeeming empathic embarrassment is.

Mike Calway-Fagen

Born Gainesville, Florida, USA
Resides Currently Resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

• University of California, San Diego, MFA in Visual Art, 2012
• Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture 2011
• University of Tennessee, BFA in Sculpture, 2006

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