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Wendy Klemperer

2015 Open Studio Fellowship Artists

Predator / Prey Constellation

24’ 8” x 24’ x 24’
Fabricated steel

Artist Statement

The imagery that pervades my work reflects a lifelong fascination with animals. As a child this led to hours of watching, drawing, and imagining. When I began making sculpture as an adult I developed these mental images in three dimensions. Facility is not the objective of my work, but a means to convey an expressive moment. The materials I use retain a raw, immediate quality. Presence and absence reverberate in the sculptures: a network of steel lines builds the form, drawing and re-drawing the animal, creating a tension like the sudden sighting of a wild beast. The surrounding environment penetrates the negative spaces between the lines of metal; the landscape itself is embedded in the work. To make the sculptures I search scrap yards for pieces that have been discarded and ravaged by life in the yard. Bent and twisted, such pieces contain energy and a potential new life. Industrial refuse is transformed to living form.

Wendy Klemperer

Born:  Boston, MA
Resides: Brooklyn, NY

• BFA Sculpture & Painting, Pratt Institute, 1983
• BA, Biochemistry, Harvard/Radcliffe, 1980

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