Free and open

Laura Feldberga

2017 Open Studio Fellow

People as Mountains

Dimensions Variable with Performance
Fiber and Performance

Artist Statement

People as Mountains” is a simple, still, silent performance. Performers represent mountains. They are wearing white shirts that are attached to the ground with white fabric strips. The shape of the figure and the costume resembles the shape of a mountain. There is no sound, People-Mountains stand is silence. Each one separate from the others, each on his or her own, each one connected to the ground and surrounded by other Mountains. Performers stand still for about 15-20 minutes.
The idea of the performance came during my stay in the art residency in Iceland, where I was able to observe mountain landscape for a longer time. I was thinking about the connection between landscapes and people’s emotions, memories, values and lifestyles. I compared the landscapes of my country to the landscapes of other places that I visited. I feel connected to all the places and landscapes that have been important during my life – the childhood landscapes, the town I grew up still live in, all the places I travelled to. With the performance People as Mountains I’m showing the visible form the attachments that connect us to all our important places and also shape our lives.

Laura Feldberga


Born: Riga, Latvia, 1975
Resides: Riga, Latvia

• MA, Art Academy of Latvia, 1998
• BA, Art Academy of Latvia, 1998

Selected Exhibitions
Wings—solo exhibition, Dome Church Gallery, Riga, Latvia, 2014
• Contemporary art Festival Survival Kit 6, Riga, Lativia, 2014
Inner Vision—solo exhibition, Riga Art Space, Latvia, 2008

Selected Collections
• Museum of Talsi District, Latvia