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Arts Administration Interns  
Marit Anderson  
Elise Bremer  
Maddie Butler  
Rachele Krivichi  
Sarah Langsam  
Anna Lavanger  
Dylan Redford  
Rebecca Cerra Tishman  
Site Managers and Contractors  
Hugh Condrey Bryant  
Jason Bord  
David Carpenter  
Jeremy Carlson  
Mary Cooke  
Steven Davy  
Vincent Donarski  
Joseph Eisenhauer  
Matthew Falvey  
Drew Goerlitz  
Paul Howe  
Jonas Lindberg  
Ben Lock  
Andrew MacGuffie  
Rollin Marquette  
AJ Meadows  
Sanford Mirling  
William Ransom  
Robin Wilburn  
Dane Rudisill Winkler  
Tony Zappa  
Bobby Zokaites  
Education and Program Coordinators  
Kate Clark  
Kendra Douglas  
Jessica Henricks  
Betsy Hieb  
Megan Madland  
Shelby Matula  
My-Linh Nguyen  
Carrie Phoenix  
Carissa Samaniego  
Amber White  
Raina Wirta  
Education Consultants/Program Assistant Contractors  
Claire Barber  
Bridget Beck  
Taylor Browning  
Kendra Douglas  
Carissa Samaniego  
Richelle Soper  
Rebecca Cerra Tishman  
Amber White  
Intern Artist Mentors  
Tamsie Ringler  
Cultural Community Partnerships with the MN State Arts Board  
Lourdes Cue  
Rogger J Cummings  
Mike Hoyt  
Peter Morales  
Harry Waters, Jr.  
Other Special Projects  
Estela De Paola De Lerma: Hudson, WI “Redone” with The Phipps Center for the Arts  
Steev & Rogger: Experimental Studio  
Fragnena Shannon: Your Black Death with Obsidian Arts & Southside Community Arts Center  
Ernest Arthur Bryant III: Your Black Death with Obsidian Arts & Southside Community Arts Center