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Franconia Sculpture Park Tour Program
Explore and learn about sculpture with Franconia artists

Tour Program Highlights
• Tours available April-November
• Monday- Friday, 9am-5pm or by request on Saturdays without scheduled events. See tour types below for detailed information
• Participants are encouraged to interact with the large-scale sculptures to learn about materials, concepts,   aesthetics, and techniques
• Tours often include a visit to the outdoor studio to learn about works-in-progress and the creative process from   Franconia’s artists-in residence

General Tour Information  +
Franconia’s Tour Facilities
• The entire tour is outdoors. Please prepare for the weather and wear comfortable shoes.
• There are public restrooms onsite, but no public drinking fountains. There is bottled water for sale in the
  fridge near the silver information booth.
• We offer several picnic tables at the park. Bring a lunch or snack for before or after your tour.

Youth and School Groups
• We ask that youth groups bring 1 adult chaperone per every 20 school aged students.
• We maintain a ratio of 1 tour guide per 20 participants. Groups of 20 or more will be divided between guides.

• For the safety of visitors and the preservation of the artwork, climbing on sculptures is prohibited, but many
  of the works on exhibit offer opportunity for touch and interaction.
• If anyone in your group has mobility needs, there are golf carts available for those who need assistance
  touring the exhibition.
• Photography is permitted.

Cancellations, Delays, or Rescheduling
Franconia provides tours rain or shine. Tours must be cancelled at least 48 hours in advance of your scheduled visit. If a tour is cancelled with less than 48 hours’ notice, or you do not show up, then you will be sent an invoice for the full amount. There will be no charge for tours that are cancelled or rescheduled with more than 48 hours notice. Please contact our Education and Program Coordinator Kendra Douglas at or call our office at 651-257-6668 for assistance.

Groups that arrive late will receive a condensed tour at the originally quoted price. Educators will wait 15 minutes for your group to arrive, so please let us know that you are on your way by calling our office at 651-257-6668.

Tour Fees & Community Grants
• Tour fees range from $4 per participant to $6 per participant. Chaperones, teachers & other guides are exempt   from the tour fee.
• No group is ever turned away due to inability to pay, but we ask all our visitors to consider helping to sustain the park by making a contribution. We do offer Community Tour Grants to qualifying organizations & schools. To receive guided tour fee assistance please fill out all sections of the Tour Request Form, which will include information on the population that your school/ organization serves. 

Franconia's Best Walking Tour   +
April through November
60 minutes
Available Monday - Friday, 9am to 5pm or by request on Saturday's without scheduled events. 
Participants: 10 minimum - 100 maximum
Fee: $4 per participant

Participate in an artist-led tour of the ever-changing exhibition of 100+ sculptures. This is the quintessential Franconia tour that will provide your group with an overview of the park and help you learn more about the artists and sculptures. Tour guides encourage group discussion and facilitate active participation as well as critical thinking from visitors.

Observe and Interpret Guided Tours     +

April through November
90 minutes
Available: Monday - Friday, 9am to 5pm or by request on Saturdays without scheduled events. 
Participants: 10 minimum - 75 maximum
Fee: $6 per participant

Your group will be lead by a resident artist throughout the 100+ sculpture exhibit, where you will have the opportunity to interact with large scale artwork and visit the active outdoor studio space. An art making activity is included in Observe and Interpret tours to encourage tour participants to actively engage in looking at sculpture and to help spur focused conversations on the art making process.

• K-3rd Grade: Paper to the Max
This tour is recommended for younger students age groups. Students will focus

on what separates sculpture from other visual art forms and be asked to use this

knowledge to construct abstract paper sculptures.

tours• 4-5 Grade: Focus on Fabrication
Students will focus on using a slot & groove technique to construct sculptures from mat board, cardboard, and other materials. Using information gleaned from the tour on what sculpture is and some of the elements and principles used to create it, students will be challenged to create something in three-dimensions without using glue.

tours• 6-8 Grade: Art on the Move
Not all sculpture sits on the ground. During the sculpture making portion of this tour, students will use wire, string, and found objects to create a mobile that has literal and figurative balance. Students will also visit a few kinetic sculptures on their tour for inspiration.

tours• 9-12 Grade: Represented in Wire
Using wire designed for sculpture making, students will be asked to use gestural and contour lines, as well as, positive and negative space to create representational sculpture.


S.T.E.A.M Guided Tours
April through November
120 minutes
Available: Monday-Friday, 9am to 5pm or by request on Saturdays without scheduled events.
Participants: 10 minimum- 50 maximum

Join Franconia artists on a guided tour of the sculpture exhibit to learn what sculpture is, how artists practice, and how artistic elements, principles, and techniques come together to make large-scale work! Then participate in a workshop that integrates S.T.E.M (science, technology, engineering, and math) into arts learning, helping participants strengthen associations between art-making and the world around them.

Tours will be rescheduled if they must be cancelled due to inclement weather—please contact our Education and Program Coordinator, Kendra Douglas, by email at or by phone at 651-257-6668. Thank you!

toursKindergarten-3rd Grade: Boats Afloat
Your group will be led by a resident artist throughout the 120+ sculpture exhibition with focus on sculptures related to boats and floatation! Then participants experiment with objects that both float and sink in water. Through this experimentation participants gain understanding that not only density, but shape affects whether or not an object floats. Participants will shape a sinking block of clay into a floating boat form that can hold weight! Participants will get to keep the clay boats they create!
Fee: $10 per participant

tours4th-8th Grade: Solar Fountains
Your group will be led by a resident artist throughout the 120+ sculpture exhibition with focus on sculptures which use energy as power! Then participants use the power of the sun to power their own creative clay water fountains! This activity demonstrates how solar energy is transformed into electricity that we can use. Participants will get to keep the clay sculpture they create!
Fee: $15 per participant

tours9th-12th Grade: Engineering a Bridge
Your group will be led by a resident artist throughout the 120+ sculpture exhibition with focus on sculptures which demonstrate structural engineering related to bridges and load-bearing structures! Then participants will be challenged to construct one of the four different types of bridges using a set number of popsicle sticks and a set number of glue sticks. After the bridges are constructed each participant will test the strength of their bridge by adding weights to the structure. Finally, the participants will be challenged to switch their engineering mind to their artist mind and convert their bridge to a sculpture.
Fee: $10 per participant

tours9th-12th Grade: Adventures in Architecture
Your group will be led by a resident artist throughout the 120+ sculpture exhibition with focus on sculptures which employ the use of architecture and space making. Techniques of framing and sheeting construction will be shown and explained. Then participants will have an opportunity to design, engineer, and construct their own architectural sculpture model!
Fee: $12 per participant

Free Sunday Guided Tours    +

• Meet your tour guide at the silver information center in the parking lot to learn about the sculptures and artists at   Franconia by participating in an hour-long guided tour beginning at 2 pm.
• Explore the 43-acre sculpture exhibition of 100+ large-scale sculptures.
• Visit with Franconia’s artists-in-residence in the outdoor studio and learn about works-in-progress.
• Discover the ideas, concepts, themes, and processes of the work with behind-the-scenes information from your   tour guide.
• Donations are welcome and encouraged to help sustain Franconia’s Tour Programs.

Free Self-Guided Tours    +
Franconia is open from dawn to dusk, 365 days a year for self-guided tours.
Suggested Activities
• Start in the Information Center to learn about Franconia’s history, programs, and upcoming events.
• Read the posted signs at each sculpture to find out information on the artist, and the materials used
• Visit the outdoor studio and talk with the artists about what they are creating. Feel free to ask, “what are you   making?!”
• Check out our online activities. Print out a scavenger hunt or sculpture crossword puzzle and bring it with on   your visit.

Accessibility    +
The grounds are flat with gravel trails and mowed paths. All trails are passable by electrically powered chairs, but some trails are strenuous for manual chairs. We offer accessible parking and restroom facilities. We also have golf carts available for those who require mobility assistance touring the exhibition. Please call (651) 257-6668 or email to inquire about golf-carts during your visit.