Free and open

Jess Hirsch

2016 FSP/Jerome Fellowship Artist

Death Bed

6’ 9” x 8’ x 22’ 6”
Pine, hardware, concrete, quartz crystals, soil, wild indigo, prairie
clover, prairie violet, prairie smoke, alum root, blazing star,
rattlesnake master, prairie sage, pasque flower, black eyed susan, harebell,
spiderwort, silky aster, and fireweed.
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Artist Statement

Death is a welcomed part of nature, fueling the ecosystem, charting the passage of time, and completing the cycles of our seasons. As humans, we would like to forget this inevitable closure to our brief moment on earth, but perhaps it is the experience of death that can make living more visceral, rich, and enlightening. If we can practice small deaths, intentionally, we can be more prepared for the real transition into the unknown. Death Bed invites the viewer to contemplate death in the comfort of nature. The three tiers are taken from multiple religious beliefs in the underworld, earth, and the heavens. The summit invites the viewer to lay on a bed of quartz crystals to remove negative energy. The middle tier is planted with flowers that support emotions surrounding death. Fireweed heals anger. Black Eyed Susan summons graceful perspectives. Prairie Smoke purifies the internal and external environment. The flowers create a private, safe space for introspection and invite the participant to acknowledge death’s inevitability.

Jess Hirsch


Born: Robbinsdale, MN, 1985
Resides: Minneapolis, MN

• MFA, Sculpture, University of Minnesota, 2013
• BA, Drawing, Lewis and Clark College, 2007

Selected Exhibitions
• Jerome Emerging Artist Fellowship, MCAD, Minneapolis, 2015
• Art Prospect Festival, St. Petersburg, Russia, 2015
• Art(ists) on the Verge, Katherine E. Nash Gallery, Minneapolis, Upcoming 2017

Selected Awards
• Jerome Emerging Artist Fellowship, MCAD, 2015
• Minnesota State Arts Board Artist Initiative Grant, 2014
• Jerome Emerging Artist Project, 2014