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Claire Barber

2012 Intern Artist

Circus Minimist

3' 3" x 29' 8" x 18' 7"
Rope, Bungee Cord, Steel and Concrete

Artist Statement

Circus Minimist represents a summer of labor and progress- I dragged, lifted, pushed, pulled, struggled, failed, and sometimes, succeeded. The forms that comprise Circus Minimist were inspired by my confusions, frustrations, and appreciation for the absurd, comedy, mischief and playfulness, but also formal material contrasts between steel, concrete, bungee cord, and rope that communicate tension and resistance. If there is a narrative, it is that of a ridiculous situation that demands the viewer’s participation, but offers only ambiguous modes of interaction, implicating those who play along in a sculptural farce.

Claire Barber

Born:  1989, Bennington VT
Resides: Cambridge, NY

• BA, 2013, Bennington College, VT

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