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Taylor Browning

2012 Intern Artist


10’ 4” x 18’ 7” x 23’ 3”
Fabricated Steel

Artist Statement
Taylor Browning is a ginger. When not practicing her soulless ways, she solves problems using her creative, artistic skills. She specializes in sculpture and design, with an emphasis on scale and the natural world. Her work involves playing with the relative size between the microscopic and macroscopic life processes. Art is a way of life and like life it should be approached through enjoyment and challenge.

Taylor Browning

Born: 1990, Colorado Springs, CO
Resides:  Greensboro, NC

• BFA, 2012, University of N. Carolina at Greensboro, NC

Selected Exhibitions
• Semester Sculpture Exhibition, UNC Greensboro, 2012
• Yes Design, UNC Greensboro, 2012
• Project 110, Greensboro, NC, 2011

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