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Nick Grasso

2014 Intern Artist

(I Wanna Be A) Panic Sentry

Form: 3’ x 8’ x 10’
Figures: 5’7”x 1’6” x 8
Wood, Glue, Screws, Polyurethane, Vinyl, Aircraft Cable, Polyester Thread, Zip Ties, Rebar, Steel, Concrete, Custom Printed Fleece Fibers

Artist Statement

My work consists of constant self-maintenance. In my research and practice, I analyze the construction and upkeep of my identity, questioning my choices and values in order to learn new, novel information about my life and its effect on those around it. I reduce formative elements of my life to their logical components and reconstruct them in a condensed temporal space in the form of a sculpture or performance. Objectifying and scrutinizing my own logic allows for a shift in perspective, a different vantage point from which to process and evaluate my identity.   

Nick Grasso

Born 1992, Washington DC
Currently Resides Chicago, IL

• BA, Lewis & Clark College, Portland, OR

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