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Kelly Cave

2015 Intern Artist

Part II of My Reign: In Fiber We Trust

24’ x 16’ x 12’3”
Steel, fabric, thread, rust, wax, grommets, yarn, nylon rope, sewing machine, concrete
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Artist Statement

I use tactility and decaying materials to showcase the life of the artwork. At the same time my obsession with collected miscellaneous things has led to my use of objects/materials for their inner lives and ability to trigger moments, relationships, and emotional narratives. I find that the physical and surface qualities of the materials themselves are the most powerful source of triggers. I create artwork that represents the wound that life leaves behind.

My medium is Fiber and Metal. Fiber is family; it represents the majority of what women have contributed to craft and how I remember the important women in my life. Metal is a strong, sturdy, and industrial material that becomes humbled once it begins to oxidize. I found similarities in methodology when creating a work out of metal or fiber and found myself able to communicate concept with both materials in a similar way. It is because they are considered to be on opposite sides of the spectrum that they become strong when used together in a piece.

Kelly Cave

Born  Princeton, NJ
Resides Cincinnati, OH

• BA, 2013, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY
• MFA, 2017, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH

Selected Exhibitions
• Renegade Show, Salem Art Works, Salem, NY, 2014
• Unis: The Origin of the Unicorn, Charles Allis Art Museum, Milwaukee, WI, 2014
• artDURM + Friends, Gallery 107, North Adams, MA, 2014

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