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Monroe Isenberg

2015 Intern Artist


18’3” x 32’6” x 8’5”
Shou-Sugi-Ban Douglas Fir, steel, aircraft cable, used motor oil

Artist Statement

Before, the lumber was a tree, the tree was processed into lumber, the lumber was used in buildings, the buildings lived, the buildings were torn down, the lumber was discarded or saved, the lumber was made into art, the art lived, the art was burned, the art died, the art becomes lumber again, the lumber degrades, its death leaves the soil nutrient rich, a sapling consumes the nutrients.

 This work evokes death and rebirth. The tripod creates the tension  linking these two realties. The action depicts a moment frozen in time; an everlasting struggle.    

Monroe Isenberg

Born Minneapolis, MN, 1991
Resides Currently resides in Portland, OR

• BA, 2013, Lewis and Clark College, Portland, OR

Selected Exhibitions
• Alberta Arts Show, Country Financial Building, Winter 2015
• Emerging Artist Show, Catlin Gabel School, Beaverton,  OR, Fall 2013
• Senior Exhibition, Hoffman Gallery, Lewis and Clark  College,Portland, OR, Spring 2013

Selected Awards
• Artist member of the Month, Art Design Portland, 2013
• Studio Arts Departmental Honors, 2013 

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