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Nicole Cheng

2017 Intern Artist


17’ x 23’ x 4’8”
Steel, earth, granite

Artist Statement
My practice is motivated by my need to root myself. My ancestors constantly travelled from one land to another, sometimes by choice but many times forced and robbed of what they had nurtured. My own sense of place is fractured with severed ties, never able to seed itself in one place, forever stuck in the slick and slippery flow of capital.
As I try to define my place in this world, I explore questions of space in collaboration with others with the hope to heal these severed ties.

Nicole Cheng

Born: Singapore, 1994
Resides: Middlebury, VT

• BA Environmental Studies, Middlebury College, 2017

Selected Exhibitions
• Stuck Together, Franconia in the City @ Casket, July 6, 2017

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